Pre-designed for variety of use cases

DOOT contactless  P2P sharing of Official Documents

Official Document Sharing

Instantly share verified official documents with “Authorized-to-know personnel”

DOOT contactless payments can create payment zones within retail spaces

Contactless Payments

Create contactless payment zones using our proprietary technology

On-Board customers with digital  KYC

Customer On-boarding

Onboard customers using auto-fill forms and automated image capture technology

SVAN protocol helps detect humans in real time with proximity geo-location

Real-Time Presence Detection

Human presence assurance using
geo-location and time-stamp

DOOT facilitates Multi- Factor Authentication based digital transactions

Digital Transaction Authentication

Online MFA using secure digital
identity via DOOT 1iD


DOOT harnesses the power of proprietary & patented technologies that you can trust, enabling each citizen to
easily manage and share their digital identities from their personal mobile devices.

DOOT one id is an identity management platform, anchoring all your different real-world documents to a single unique iD

DOOT 1iD is a “Single Identity Management Platform”. Multiple real-world identities including Aadhaar, Driver’s License & Tax Identification Document (PAN) are anchored to a single unique digital ID.

  • Unique ID for each Citizen
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Anchor Real-World Identities Online
  • End to End Encryption (E2EE)
  • DOOT FaceCompare
  • Digilocker Linked
SVAN protocol is a patented protocol with proprietary algorithms to transfer data without pairing

SVAN is the World’s leading Non-Pairing, Data-Transfer IoT Technology. It enables real-time, secure & pairing-free identity authentication; detecting each citizen based on proximity geo-location and time-stamping each transaction.

  • Works in Airplane Mode
  • P 2 P transfer
  • Encryption Cipher
  • Zero Hardware Solution
  • iD Geo-Location
  • Real-Time Authentication

Real-time Authentication

Perfect for use-cases with high footfall and queues such as airports, banks, museums & cinemas. Your clients can now validate official iD’s, ticket stubs and much more without the need for pairing or expensive data networks.

Each transaction is automated, logging accurate geo-location and time-stamp for the most seamless and secure customer experience.

Ergonomic Ux

Complete IdaaS platform with 1-touch verification

Deliver high customer completion rates

100% success rate with auto-form completion

Deliver inclusive accessibility

One iD for the whole nation

Protect your users from cyber criminals

With DOOT’s E2EE and cipher encryption

Future-proof your security

Active security management with DOOT Security Center (DSC)

Proprietary Signal Modulation

Adding an extra layer of security

Benefit from privacy

Share only with “Authorized to know personnel”

Eliminate user fraud

With verified credentials & DOOT FaceCompare

Leverage Multi-Factor Authentication

MFA deployed at both ends of the spectrum to ensure secure transactions

Scale with confidence

Works with feature phones - Your clients don’t need wifi/data

Use it where you need it

Works in radioactive & high ambient noise environments

Built for every Environment

Independent of platform, format or device

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