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DOOT vision is to lead the industry in delivering an end-to-end iD management and real-time authentication experience that is secure, seamless and efficient.

The concept relies on digital management and validation of identity and controlled access to this information by the various public and private stakeholders on an authorized-to-know basis, using the DOOT 1iD platform & SVAN.

The concept involves the use of a trusted, digital identity, biometric recognition technology and a collaborative identity management platform. It will be supported by the development of a trust framework among the different stakeholders.

DOOT envisions a IoT enables and completely connected world

Unique Value Propositions

SVAN is a patented technology for IoT enablement and pairing free data transfer

Patented Technology

Algorithms and Communication Protocol developed in-house by our dedicated R&D team

With DOOT all your processes can be completely contactless

Completely Contactless

Frictionless Experience at ranges
above 20cm upto 100m

Save paper with our paperless technology SVAN

Eco Friendly

100% paperless & reduces power consumption
by leveraging out-of-band channels

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