Passenger traffic is projected to double by 2037 (Source: IATA & ICAO). We will not be able to handle this growth or satisfy evolving customer expectations with existing airport capacity, current processes, facilities and ways of doing business. Furthermore, accommodating growth with ever larger airports will be increasingly difficult, if not impossible. New on-ground concepts will be required to optimize the use of emerging technologies, processes and design developments.

DOOT 1iD will remove the repetitive processes of passengers having to present different travel tokens to many different stakeholders for different purposes across the end-to-end passenger experience.

Aviation using DOOT can be 100% contactless and IoT enabled

Use Cases

Automate information to passengers and passive users without hardware capex

Automated Flight Announcements

Use SVAN to send ultra-sonic messages to passengers

document verification with geo-location and time stamp and go paperless with active queue management

Paperless Document Verification

Passengers can validate their documents via their mobile device

Automate ticket verification and go paperless with active queue management

Contactless Terminal ID check

Security officers receive and validate iD without physical exchange of documents

On-Board new passengers with digital  KYC

Customer On-boarding

Sign up new passengers with auto-fill forms & DOOT FaceCompare

Automate ticket verification and go paperless with active queue management

Contactless Check-in

Remove Queues & reduce waiting times at your check-in counters


Increase Passenger Flow Rate

Each transaction takes only 0.7s

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Shorter queues and reduced waiting times

Smart Terminals

Automated Flight Announcements & touchless elevators/kiosks

Increase Terminal Handling Capacity

Improved space efficiency while mitigating capex

Staffing efficiencies

More passengers serviced/airport personnel

Increase Process Accuracy

Reduce time spent on manual ID checks with 100% records-keeping

Reduce Impersonation

Match passenger iD with authenticated data in real-time

Increase Terminal Safety

Combat human trafficking & criminal activities

Risk-based assessment

Differentiated handling at security checkpoints

IoT enabled commerce

Proximity marketing for landside merchants

Improve passenger engagement

Increase CTR and Duty-Free purchases