Enterprises & Law Enforcement face a threat today: deep-fakes, internet bots and cyber criminals can now impersonate digital identities both online and in real-time. How can enterprises be sure that the document uploaded/presented is real? The implications of not knowing if someone is genuinely present online or if they are actually who they claim to be can be severe - for consumers, businesses, governments and for society as a whole. It’s an imminent threat requiring a digital solution – and that solution is DOOT.

The Solution: Impact For Businesses

  • Eliminate “Fraudulent” transactions
  • Increase consumer trust
  • Increase On-Boarding and Transaction completion
  • Reduce Financial penalties due to Non-compliance

The Solution: Impact For Governments and Law Enforcement

  • Increase Public trust
  • Eliminate Crime & Terrorism enablement
  • Reduce money-laundering
  • 100% accurate & paperless records-keeping

The Digital iD Problem: Impact For Consumers

  • Digitized online identity management
  • Eliminate digital impersonation
  • 1-touch identity authentication