Identity as a Service (IdaaS)

DOOT 1iD is a “Single Identity Management Platform”. Multiple real-world identities including Aadhaar, Driver’s License & Tax Identification Document (PAN) are anchored to a single unique digital ID.

DOOT 1iD assigns a single unique ID (“1iD”) to all “Officially Valid Documents” and other merchant issued documents directly via a secure API link.

DOOT platform arranges and validates each iD profile based on an organization's internal processes and controls.

One Device - 1 iD

Each user device is linked to 1 Unique DOOT iD. Our application rules recognize and link each iD to one device only - based on a unique mobile phone no. & IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity).

If the user changes their device or mobile no. they will be prompted to sign-in again into their account, verify ownership via OTP and link their DOOT accounts to the new device.


DOOT FaceCompare lets you measure the likelihood that faces in two images are of the same person. With FaceCompare, you can use the comparison score to verify a user against a reference photo in near real time.

  • Accept based on comparison score (in %)
  • Recognize your clients in real-time
  • Compliance with AML and KYC regulations

Security Center

DOOT Security Center (DSC) is a complete suite of measures designed to mitigate risks of data breaches. DSC protocols and features reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions and activity that may occur based on user behavior, identity theft & third party attacks.

Compliance and Data-Protection

DOOT offers its consumers end to end encryption (E2EE). The user data is stored within Indian Jurisdiction servers and protected by AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) 256-bit encryption.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

All DOOT accounts are secured via multi-factor authentication protocol:

  • Username/password (Something that you know - Knowledge)
  • OTP (Something you receive -Possession)
  • M-Pin (In app Transaction Password - Voluntary)


Privacy is important to us at DOOT. We operate to the highest data privacy standards. Thanks to a combination of out-of-band communication and encryption safeguards the user only authenticates and shares data with application level consent.

Furthermore the user only shares their DOOT 1 iD - in the event that a criminal actor detects and captures this ID, our firewall will automatically block any data (including all PII & Bio-Metrics) from being transferred to this criminal actor.

Specially designed DOOT firewall prevents unauthorized access of all PII, Biometrics and data by criminal actors


All of DOOT’s authentication & security processes, including storage of all biometric data & PII, happen on secure cloud-based servers and not on-device.

This is essential for security, as devices can be compromised. All of our cloud servers are protected by 256-bit AES encryption.