Facilitates Paperless Authentication

Eliminates the need for people to share physical documents for authentication/e-KYC. With Full DIGILOCKER API LINK, DOOT provides the most accurate presence detection and contactless document transfer technology in the world.

Completely Contactless

Promoting Social Distancing

With DOOT users can authenticate standing 2 yards away, truly promoting Social Distancing.

Legacy Process: QR code technology requires the user to be within line of sight and click the QR Code, similarly NFC technology requires the user to be close (within 20cm) to the NFC receiver for a successful transaction to occur. In the ongoing pandemic where consumers need to feel safe and avoid crowding both QR CODE & NFC aren’t the ideal solution.

Reduces Interaction Time between Consumer and Verifier

With our Parallel Processing feature - multiple users can Pre-Send their documents/payments while in Queue, reducing the wait time at kiosks, check-ins & check-outs.

Legacy Process: NFC does not support this functionality as the user has to be present close (within 20cm of NFC receiver) for a successful transaction to occur.

Limits groups around information Kiosks

With DOOT, Merchants/Institutions/Agencies can send information directly to the users’ mobile devices with existing PA Systems, reducing crowding around information kiosks.