DOOT is the world’s first & only “ID Authentication & Sharing” messenger. DOOT enables both private organizations & governments to create a Single iD platform to manage each citizen's digital identity.

DOOT furthers this capability by adding a patented communication layer that allows for real-time authentication in any geography, topography or environmental conditions without the need for users to be connected to a data/internet network.

It has been developed to transform existing infrastructure to IoT enabled infrastructure and current cities into smart cities. It does not require any capex in hardware and is built keeping in mind the vast challenges of the developing world so that DOOT may communicate with all 7 billion humans of this planet.

DOOT one id is an identity management platform, anchoring all your different real-world documents to a single unique iD

DOOT 1iD is a “Single Identity Management Platform”. Multiple real-world identities including Aadhaar, Driver’s License & Tax Identification Document (PAN) are anchored to a single unique digital ID.

  • Unique ID for each Citizen
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Anchor Real-World Identities Online
  • End to End Encryption (E2EE)
  • DOOT FaceCompare
  • Digilocker Linked
SVAN protocol is a patented protocol with proprietary algorithms to transfer data without pairing

SVAN is the World’s leading Non-Pairing, Data-Transfer IoT Technology. It enables real-time, secure & pairing-free identity authentication; detecting each citizen based on proximity geo-location and time-stamping each transaction.

  • Works in Airplane Mode
  • P 2 P transfer
  • Encryption Cipher
  • Zero Hardware Solution
  • iD Geo-Location
  • Real-Time Authentication

SVAN Protocol Advantages

Bluetooth Wifi NFC QR Code
Indoor Positioning
Two-way communication
One to many broadcast
Non-line-of sight transmission
Works in RF restricted Zone
Zero Setup/ Pairing/ Configuration
Available to application by Default
Low Power Operation
Can transmit with sub-$2 electronics
Wireless broadcasts confined to room boundaries
Transmit over ranges > 10m
Can limit the transmission range to < 10m
Supported by dumb media channels and P.A. systems
Supported by typical mobile devices
Supported by low- end mobile devices
Typical usable max data rate 400 b/s (Upto 1 kb/s) 25 mb/s 70 mb/s 424 kb/s 3 kb
Typical max range 100m 100m 50m 20cm 10:1

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