Entertainment & Hospitality


With the advent of a new generation of technology centric consumers it is imperative for the entertainment and hospitality industry to adopt a mobile & touchless consumer experience. We will not be able to handle this demand or satisfy evolving customer expectations with existing hardware, current processes, facilities and ways of doing business.

Furthermore, with the waning consumer demand and reduced consumer confidence due to COVID-19, the entertainment & hospitality industry needs a scalable and low capex solution to regain consumer confidence and capture market share as the industry landscape evolves in the next 24 months.

DOOT provides a zero-capex solution that enables the entertainment & industry to provide a completely contactless, paperless & secure on-boarding/handling experience for its consumers.

Entertainment & Hospitality industry using DOOT can be 100% contactless and IoT enabled

Use Cases

Automate ticket verification and go paperless with active queue management

Contactless Check-in

Receive and validate iD without physical exchange of documents

Create contactless f&B zoes, enable paperless ordering and KOT management using SVAN protocol

Contactless F&B

Consumers can make purchases while in proximity of a kiosk/server

Manage queue effectively using DOOT and direct consumers to the correct process

Queue Management

Remove Queues & reduce waiting times at your check-in counters

Actively verify user age using data from authorized entities

Automated Age Verification

Check if consumers are of legal age to avail of services

On-Board customers with digital  KYC

New Customer On-boarding

Sign up new with auto-fill forms & DOOT FaceCompare


Increase Visitor Flow Rate

Each transaction takes only 0.7s

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Shorter queues and reduced waiting times

Smart Hospitality

Automated consumer detection & touchless elevators/kiosks

Increase Handling Capacity

Improved space efficiency while mitigating capex

Staffing efficiencies

More visitors serviced/personnel

Increase Process Accuracy

Reduce time spent on manual ID checks with 100% records-keeping

Reduce Impersonation

Reduction in Friendly Fraud

Increase infrastructure safety

Combat criminal activities with automated access control

Age-Based assessment

Differentiated handling of visitors for age-based services

IoT enabled commerce

Proximity marketing for f&b, merchants

Improve visitor engagement

Increase CTR and retail purchases

Increase Profit

Reduce chargebacks and inefficiency costs