Financial Services


With the increasing adoption of mobile devices in India and current trend to switch to contactless transactions it is imperative for every organization to adopt a digital first approach. We will not be able to handle this growth or satisfy evolving customer expectations with existing capacity, current processes, facilities and ways of doing business.

Furthermore, accommodating growth with ever larger physical branches will be increasingly difficult, if not impossible.

New on-ground concepts will be required to optimize the use of emerging technologies, processes and design developments.

Financial Services using DOOT can be 100% contactless and IoT enabled

Use Cases

On-Board customers with digital  KYC

Customer On-boarding

Acquire new customers with auto-fill forms & DOOT FaceCompare

DOOT contactless payments can create payment zones within retail spaces

Contactless Payments

Create contactless payment zones using our proprietary technology

DOOT enables users to verify their digital identity using information from verified users

Document Verification

Contactless verification of KYC documents issued with digital signature

SVAN protocol helps authenticate users in real-time

Real Time Transaction Authentication

Validate transactions with geo-location & time stamp

DOOT uses SVAN to detect and communicate with consumers in real-time

Customer Presence Detection

Detect customers in real-time directing them to the right process


Increase Customer Flow Rate

Each transaction takes only 0.7s

Faster Processes

Shorter queues and reduced waiting times

Smart Banking

Automated consumer KYC & touchless branches

Increase Branch Handling Capacity

Improved space efficiency & mitigating capex

Staffing efficiencies

More clients serviced/personnel

Increase Process Accuracy

Reduce time spent on manual ID checks with 100% records-keeping

Reduce Impersonation/Identity theft

Match client iD with authenticated data in real-time

Increase AML compliance

Combat financial fraud & criminal activities

Risk-based assessment

Differentiated handling during on-boarding/transactions

Deliver high customer completion rates

100% success rate with auto-form completion

Increase customer satisfaction

Boosting brand Net Promoter Score (NPS)