How It Works

DOOT Digital KYC Process

DOOT helps enterprises (both private & government) complete remote digital kyc for consumers without physical exchange of documents.

The KYC addresses

two key issues:

1. Is the data provided authentic?

All PII and user data is auto-populated from “Official Issuers” such as Social Security & Driver’s License. Users can now choose from over 150 authorized issuers.

2. Bio-Metric Identity?

With DOOT FaceCompare organizations can anchor a user’s digital identity with the real-world. The user takes a selfie and this is matched to a government issued photo iD, giving an almost real-time comparison match. Based on the result an enterprise can either accept the KYC transaction or ask the user to re-take the FaceCompare test

DOOT allows users to complete almost any digital KYC process (including for banks, insurance , airlines & educational institutions) using their personal mobile devices.

Eight steps in contactless DOOT Digital KYC process

 Digital KYC Process

Real-Time Authentication

real-time delivers three key results:

Record accurate Geo-location of each DOOT transaction


(“Right Here”)

Record accurate time-stamp of each DOOT transaction


(“Right Now”)

Assured Human and correct iD authentication using SVAN protocol

Human Presence Assurance

(“Real Person”)

DOOT uses our patented communication protocol “SVAN”. This enables a user to communicate with a verifier device when in close proximity (upto 100m), thereby authenticating geo-location. Each transaction is then time-stamped ensuring the principle of “Right Here- Right Now”.

Human Presence Assurance is achieved when the authorized personnel matches the digital image of a user with the face of a “Real-Person” (manually or via DOOT FaceCompare). DOOT has thereby delivered all three results in real-time - “Real Person-Right Here- Right now”.