Real-Time Human Presence Assurance from DOOT empowers law enforcement, airlines, governments, banks and other authorities to securely validate an identity not only online but also in real-time. From airport security to opening a bank account or identifying a fugitive - hundreds of secure processes can now be completed using DOOT.

Validate Identity

Right Person - Right Product

Registered partners will be authorized to Receive & Authenticate multiple documents such as Official ID, Airline tickets, Movie Tickets & E-Com Delivery Tokens.

  • Data from TRUSTED sources
  • Automated Face Capture (via DOOT FaceCompare)
  • Eliminate threat from Deep-Fakes/BOTS

Geo-Locate Presence

Real Person - Right Here

DOOT patented technology ensures consumers can only authenticate presence using registered mobile devices when present within a small distance (upto 100m or lesser) from a DOOT VERIFIER device.

  • Accurate to within a few metres
  • Independent of consumer device location settings
  • Enabled for only user registered devices

Time-Stamp Transactions

Real Person - Right Now

Each transaction generates a unique time-stamp. This ledger is distributed to both partners (verifiers) and consumers creating an accurate and verifiable electronic record of each transaction.

  • Independent of consumer device time settings
  • Accurate to within a few seconds
  • Recorded on a distributed ledger and matched to a unique transaction id