Communication Protocol

SVAN is the World’s leading Non-Pairing, Data-Transfer IoT Technology. It enables secure, pairing-free transfer of micro-data between two devices. SVAN works independent of Telecom Network Providers, ISP’s and localized Wi-fi’s, giving organizations and users autonomy on their sharing habits and security from third-party attempts to access sensitive data.

Ultra-sonic Data Modulation

With a specific modulation, that has proven itself in applications like RADAR or under-water communications, paired with a custom encryption, we can provide robust communications.

The robustness of our signal’s counters Doppler Effect, allows perfect decryption in noisy environments and transmits over a distance of approximately 80 meters (with a 2x7 Watts transmitter) with a mean of 100 bits/second.

Our unique communication system allows also a single transmitter to communicate with multiple receivers (SIMO communication) without any interference. This is made possible by frequency multiplexing.

Based on CSS (Chirp Spread Spectrum), on 5 channels, it is mainly made for mobile device communications and identification or FHSS (Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum). The specific modulation used is based on use cases and operational requirements/conditions.

SVAN signal modulation for real-time P2P data transfer & SVAN signal modulation for contactless authentication zones

Collision Avoidance

SVAN communication protocol uses a proprietary algorithm to desynchronize transmissions avoiding data packet collisions. Each time the sender/initiator receives a null value for transmission an active delay time is inserted to desynchronize all simultaneous transmissions, thus enabling the receiver to demodulate the signals correctly.

Encryption Cipher

SVAN is an out of band communication protocol that is used to communicate between two mobile devices . We use an encryption cipher to encrypt this communication to provide an extra layer of security to our users.

Operational Conditions

We have developed, tested & implemented SVAN in the harshest operational environments.
DOOT works for on both iOS and android

OS: Android and iOS

Integrated with 2 most popular operating systems

SVAN is safe for humans and animals

Safe for Humans

SVAN is completely harmless to both humans and animals

Each SVAN transaction is 0.7 seconds only

Transaction Time 0.7s

Each successful P2P transaction is completed in less than 1s

SVAN works in high ambient environments

Ambient Noise

Works in high ambient noise environments such as airports, malls & cinemas

SVAN can also process data in windy conditions

Wind (Gusts) Kmph: 12(28)

Tested in gusts upto 28kmph

SVAN protocol is 100% radiation free

100% Radiation Free

No Radiation is emitted