Traffic Law Enforcement


As per the amendments to Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989 by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, verification of all documents (such as “Driving License”, “Vehicle Registration Certificate”) can be done using electronic issued documents from DIGILOCKER & m-Parivahan.

DOOT will remove the repetitive processes of operators having to present different travel tokens to many different stakeholders for different purposes across the end-to-end operator experience.

Traffic Law Enforcement using DOOT can be 100% contactless and IoT enabled

Use Cases

SVAN protocol helps detect violators users in real-time

Violator Detection

Identify repeat offenders & add/revoke privileges

Integrate with all popular payment services with real-time challan payments

Contactless Challan Payments

Integrate with all popular payment services

Receive official documents with digital signature

Digital KYC with
Digital Signature

Contactless & Automated document verification

DOOT uses SVAN to detect and communicate with vehicles in real-time

Vehicle Presence Detection

Automatically detect vehicles as they approach toll-plazas & check-points

On-Board new drivers with digital  KYC

New Driver On-boarding

On-board New Drivers with DOOT 1iD & DOOT FaceCompare


Increase Citizen Flow Rate

Each transaction takes only 0.7s

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Shorter queues and reduced waiting times

Paperless/Contactless Authentication

Completely contactless & paperless visitor handling

Increase RTO Handling Capacity

Improved space efficiency while mitigating capex

Staffing efficiencies

More citizens serviced/law enforcement personnel

Increase Process Accuracy

Reduce time spent on manual ID checks with 100% records-keeping

Reduce Impersonation

Match vehicle/operator iD with authenticated data in real-time

Increase Compliance

Accurate Time-Stamp and Geo Location of each iD Check

Risk-based assessment

Differentiated handling at border & security checkpoints

Increase Fine Collection

100% accurate challan/e-challan digital records

Reduce Capex

Eliminate investment in Hand-Held Devices & Smart Card Readers

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